Our Enrichment program

The Fashion Enrichment Program was designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of fashion design. Students learns the basics of sewing, pattern making, garment construction, and draping.

At the end of each semester the students participate in a Fashion show where they showcase there garments made throughout the year. This unique opportunity is offered to kids so they can express themselves through Fashion in hopes that it will impact their lives the way it has impacted mine. Not only does the Fashion Enrichment program promote creativity, but it also encourages the building of self esteem, team work, and the value of hard work.

Currently the program serves 4 public schools throughout the Berkeley and San Francisco school District. A percentage of each sale from leerickiecollection.com goes directly to the program to help fund sewing supplies for the jr designer.

" The gift of sewing and Fashion Design was given to me and it changed my life...I simply wanted to create a program that would cultivate the creative gene that is Fashion Design in the lives of young people ." - Lee Rickie

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