• “The Louvre pant is a KILLER, a pure and true fashion statement! After putting them on, I was overwhelmed with the subsequent urge to fully execute the Beyoncé Coachella dance routine, haha! I love them, and they fit just right, hugging me with perfection!”
    - @kedrinherrom
  • I LOVE my shirt! It fits perfectly! I need one in every color! Packaging was great. Well wrapped and protected. I will definitely continue doing business with you! Thank you for your great product and professionalism
    - @debonair.himself
  • Hey , I just received my coat and it’s even more amazing in person . ITS PERFECT!!
    - @maine0987
  • In love with my sweater .. I got so many compliments on it I can’t wait to wear it again . Everything is made with such high quality!!
    - @Rannonray
  • That moment you get home and you’re so excited to open the mailbox!! Lee Rickie Collection never fails me with customer service.. It’s always a pleasure shopping with you guys!!
    - @placidly_pierre
  • OBSESSED!!! Thanks for bringing my vision to life .
    - @sixsixpapi
  • Thank you !!! Your customer service is amazing!!
    - @_chrisallen
  • Thanks for being so professional and getting my package here in time for my birthday!!
    - @dyilansregaldisposition

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